1200m Speederboard - 60 days

The fastest 250 Zed Run horses by distance over the last 60 days.

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1Bid on Hawku67.5100
2Bid on Hawku65.9371
3Bid on Hawku65.4637
4Bid on Hawku65.3815
5Bid on Hawku65.2525
6Bid on Hawku65.2506
7Bid on Hawku65.1030
8Bid on Hawku64.9385
9Bid on Hawku64.8643
10Bid on Hawku64.8216
11Bid on Hawku64.7830
12Bid on Hawku64.7366
13Bid on Hawku64.7278
14Bid on Hawku64.7215
15Bid on Hawku64.6642
16Bid on Hawku64.6085
17Bid on Hawku64.5841
18Bid on Hawku64.5739
19Bid on Hawku64.5262
20Bid on Hawku64.5130
21Bid on Hawku64.5026
22Bid on Hawku64.4698
23Bid on Hawku64.4673
24Bid on Hawku64.4618
25Bid on Hawku64.4480
26Bid on Hawku64.4424
27Bid on Hawku64.4236
28Bid on Hawku64.4228
29Bid on Hawku64.4221
30Bid on Hawku64.4005
31Bid on Hawku64.3459
32Ξ 6.5 Buy on Hawku64.3450
33Bid on Hawku64.3248
34Bid on Hawku64.3173
35Bid on Hawku64.3098
36Bid on Hawku64.2984
37Bid on Hawku64.2868
38Bid on Hawku64.2573
39Bid on Hawku64.2399
40Bid on Hawku64.2364
41Bid on Hawku64.2302
42Bid on Hawku64.2295
43Bid on Hawku64.2276
44Bid on Hawku64.2099
45Bid on Hawku64.1883
46Bid on Hawku64.1685
47Bid on Hawku64.1452
48Bid on Hawku64.1312
49Bid on Hawku64.1309
50Bid on Hawku64.1289
51Bid on Hawku64.1234
52Bid on Hawku64.1214
53Bid on Hawku64.0892
54Bid on Hawku64.0698
55Bid on Hawku64.0488
56Bid on Hawku64.0391
57Bid on Hawku64.0322
58Bid on Hawku64.0039
59Bid on Hawku64.0032
60Bid on Hawku63.9975
61Bid on Hawku63.9934
62Bid on Hawku63.9794
63Bid on Hawku63.9786
64Bid on Hawku63.9761
65Bid on Hawku63.9721
66Bid on Hawku63.9704
67Bid on Hawku63.9658
68Bid on Hawku63.9538
69Bid on Hawku63.9489
70Bid on Hawku63.9422
71Bid on Hawku63.9375
72Bid on Hawku63.9352
73Bid on Hawku63.9331
74Bid on Hawku63.9326
75Bid on Hawku63.9275
76Bid on Hawku63.9266
77Bid on Hawku63.9223
78Bid on Hawku63.9141
79Bid on Hawku63.9084
80Bid on Hawku63.8973
81Bid on Hawku63.8938
82Bid on Hawku63.8933
83Bid on Hawku63.8916
84Bid on Hawku63.8915
85Bid on Hawku63.8886
86Bid on Hawku63.8793
87Bid on Hawku63.8740
88Bid on Hawku63.8711
89Bid on Hawku63.8650
90Bid on Hawku63.8605
91Bid on Hawku63.8529
92Ξ 0.075 Buy on Hawku63.8510
93Bid on Hawku63.8492
94Bid on Hawku63.8437
95Bid on Hawku63.8272
96Bid on Hawku63.8223
97Bid on Hawku63.8220
98Bid on Hawku63.8199
99Bid on Hawku63.8182
100Bid on Hawku63.8139
101Bid on Hawku63.7997
102Bid on Hawku63.7897
103Bid on Hawku63.7895
104Bid on Hawku63.7880
105Bid on Hawku63.7804
106Bid on Hawku63.7800
107Bid on Hawku63.7768
108Bid on Hawku63.7745
109Bid on Hawku63.7632
110Bid on Hawku63.7629
111Bid on Hawku63.7598
112Bid on Hawku63.7594
113Bid on Hawku63.7478
114Bid on Hawku63.7385
115Bid on Hawku63.7359
116Bid on Hawku63.7340
117Bid on Hawku63.7317
118Bid on Hawku63.7261
119Bid on Hawku63.7211
120Bid on Hawku63.7198
121Bid on Hawku63.7126
122Bid on Hawku63.7083
123Bid on Hawku63.7078
124Bid on Hawku63.7029
125Bid on Hawku63.7022
126Bid on Hawku63.6919
127Bid on Hawku63.6914
128Bid on Hawku63.6905
129Bid on Hawku63.6888
130Bid on Hawku63.6854
131Bid on Hawku63.6827
132Bid on Hawku63.6823
133Bid on Hawku63.6821
134Bid on Hawku63.6775
135Bid on Hawku63.6764
136Bid on Hawku63.6759
137Bid on Hawku63.6756
138Bid on Hawku63.6730
139Bid on Hawku63.6720
140Ξ 0.09 Buy on Hawku63.6683
141Bid on Hawku63.6664
142Bid on Hawku63.6647
143Bid on Hawku63.6628
144Bid on Hawku63.6575
145Bid on Hawku63.6560
146Bid on Hawku63.6539
147Bid on Hawku63.6530
148Bid on Hawku63.6486
149Bid on Hawku63.6473
150Bid on Hawku63.6463
151Bid on Hawku63.6463
152Bid on Hawku63.6444
153Bid on Hawku63.6442
154Bid on Hawku63.6432
155Bid on Hawku63.6399
156Bid on Hawku63.6280
157Bid on Hawku63.6249
158Bid on Hawku63.6237
159Bid on Hawku63.6219
160Bid on Hawku63.6206
161Bid on Hawku63.6201
162Bid on Hawku63.6188
163Bid on Hawku63.6174
164Bid on Hawku63.6169
165Bid on Hawku63.6115
166Bid on Hawku63.6049
167Bid on Hawku63.6010
168Bid on Hawku63.5960
169Bid on Hawku63.5941
170Bid on Hawku63.5923
171Bid on Hawku63.5923
172Bid on Hawku63.5918
173Bid on Hawku63.5864
174Bid on Hawku63.5857
175Bid on Hawku63.5836
176Bid on Hawku63.5822
177Ξ 0.234 Buy on Hawku63.5800
178Bid on Hawku63.5789
179Bid on Hawku63.5779
180Bid on Hawku63.5776
181Bid on Hawku63.5741
182Bid on Hawku63.5708
183Bid on Hawku63.5701
184Bid on Hawku63.5692
185Ξ 0.13 Buy on Hawku63.5667
186Bid on Hawku63.5638
187Bid on Hawku63.5636
188Bid on Hawku63.5596
189Bid on Hawku63.5542
190Bid on Hawku63.5538
191Bid on Hawku63.5530
192Bid on Hawku63.5515
193Bid on Hawku63.5504
194Bid on Hawku63.5497
195Bid on Hawku63.5491
196Bid on Hawku63.5454
197Bid on Hawku63.5447
198Bid on Hawku63.5435
199Bid on Hawku63.5387
200Bid on Hawku63.5369
201Bid on Hawku63.5361
202Bid on Hawku63.5349
203Bid on Hawku63.5346
204Bid on Hawku63.5343
205Bid on Hawku63.5326
206Bid on Hawku63.5278
207Bid on Hawku63.5274
208Bid on Hawku63.5240
209Bid on Hawku63.5233
210Bid on Hawku63.5233
211Bid on Hawku63.5216
212Bid on Hawku63.5207
213Bid on Hawku63.5196
214Bid on Hawku63.5130
215Bid on Hawku63.5118
216Ξ 0.06 Buy on Hawku63.5109
217Bid on Hawku63.5097
218Bid on Hawku63.5095
219Bid on Hawku63.5072
220Bid on Hawku63.5032
221Bid on Hawku63.4999
222Bid on Hawku63.4991
223Bid on Hawku63.4984
224Bid on Hawku63.4967
225Bid on Hawku63.4958
226Bid on Hawku63.4934
227Bid on Hawku63.4882
228Bid on Hawku63.4859
229Bid on Hawku63.4854
230Bid on Hawku63.4853
231Bid on Hawku63.4852
232Bid on Hawku63.4844
233Ξ 0.5 Buy on Hawku63.4840
234Bid on Hawku63.4818
235Bid on Hawku63.4812
236Bid on Hawku63.4805
237Bid on Hawku63.4797
238Bid on Hawku63.4792
239Bid on Hawku63.4788
240Bid on Hawku63.4785
241Bid on Hawku63.4784
242Bid on Hawku63.4755
243Bid on Hawku63.4746
244Bid on Hawku63.4722
245Bid on Hawku63.4714
246Bid on Hawku63.4642
247Bid on Hawku63.4631
248Bid on Hawku63.4631
249Bid on Hawku63.4626
250Bid on Hawku63.4623