1400m Speederboard - 60 days

The fastest 250 Zed Run horses by distance over the last 60 days.

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1Bid on Hawku65.6104
2Bid on Hawku65.2007
3Bid on Hawku65.0565
4Bid on Hawku64.8668
5Bid on Hawku64.7672
6Bid on Hawku64.7038
7Bid on Hawku64.6069
8Ξ 2.5 Buy on Hawku64.5884
9Bid on Hawku64.4145
10Bid on Hawku64.4122
11Bid on Hawku64.3358
12Bid on Hawku64.2945
13Bid on Hawku64.2892
14Bid on Hawku64.2765
15Bid on Hawku64.2503
16Bid on Hawku64.2414
17Bid on Hawku64.2308
18Bid on Hawku64.1804
19Bid on Hawku64.1729
20Bid on Hawku64.1404
21Bid on Hawku64.1402
22Ξ 0.75 Buy on Hawku64.1316
23Bid on Hawku64.0820
24Bid on Hawku64.0342
25Bid on Hawku64.0227
26Bid on Hawku64.0207
27Bid on Hawku64.0127
28Bid on Hawku64.0058
29Bid on Hawku64.0002
30Bid on Hawku63.9884
31Bid on Hawku63.9860
32Bid on Hawku63.9803
33Bid on Hawku63.9773
34Ξ 0.199 Buy on Hawku63.9688
35Bid on Hawku63.9593
36Bid on Hawku63.9457
37Bid on Hawku63.9414
38Bid on Hawku63.9192
39Bid on Hawku63.9191
40Bid on Hawku63.9139
41Bid on Hawku63.9128
42Bid on Hawku63.8980
43Bid on Hawku63.8979
44Bid on Hawku63.8867
45Bid on Hawku63.8709
46Bid on Hawku63.8676
47Bid on Hawku63.8467
48Bid on Hawku63.8380
49Bid on Hawku63.8320
50Bid on Hawku63.8311
51Bid on Hawku63.8261
52Bid on Hawku63.8145
53Bid on Hawku63.8001
54Ξ 0.099 Buy on Hawku63.7913
55Bid on Hawku63.7869
56Bid on Hawku63.7833
57Bid on Hawku63.7749
58Bid on Hawku63.7516
59Bid on Hawku63.7490
60Bid on Hawku63.7463
61Bid on Hawku63.7414
62Bid on Hawku63.7396
63Bid on Hawku63.7243
64Bid on Hawku63.7168
65Bid on Hawku63.7145
66Bid on Hawku63.7102
67Ξ 0.33 Buy on Hawku63.7046
68Bid on Hawku63.6717
69Bid on Hawku63.6680
70Bid on Hawku63.6656
71Bid on Hawku63.6639
72Bid on Hawku63.6543
73Bid on Hawku63.6459
74Bid on Hawku63.6412
75Bid on Hawku63.6395
76Bid on Hawku63.6234
77Bid on Hawku63.6063
78Bid on Hawku63.5926
79Bid on Hawku63.5800
80Bid on Hawku63.5793
81Bid on Hawku63.5752
82Bid on Hawku63.5728
83Bid on Hawku63.5634
84Bid on Hawku63.5624
85Bid on Hawku63.5601
86Bid on Hawku63.5483
87Bid on Hawku63.5475
88Bid on Hawku63.5474
89Bid on Hawku63.5470
90Bid on Hawku63.5469
91Bid on Hawku63.5463
92Bid on Hawku63.5386
93Bid on Hawku63.5371
94Bid on Hawku63.5305
95Bid on Hawku63.5256
96Bid on Hawku63.5181
97Bid on Hawku63.5054
98Bid on Hawku63.5041
99Bid on Hawku63.4917
100Bid on Hawku63.4902
101Bid on Hawku63.4901
102Bid on Hawku63.4871
103Bid on Hawku63.4657
104Bid on Hawku63.4616
105Bid on Hawku63.4601
106Bid on Hawku63.4598
107Bid on Hawku63.4591
108Bid on Hawku63.4586
109Bid on Hawku63.4539
110Bid on Hawku63.4529
111Bid on Hawku63.4527
112Bid on Hawku63.4514
113Bid on Hawku63.4491
114Bid on Hawku63.4447
115Bid on Hawku63.4420
116Bid on Hawku63.4386
117Bid on Hawku63.4327
118Bid on Hawku63.4317
119Bid on Hawku63.4282
120Bid on Hawku63.4272
121Bid on Hawku63.4267
122Ξ 5.99 Buy on Hawku63.4254
123Bid on Hawku63.4203
124Bid on Hawku63.4202
125Bid on Hawku63.4135
126Bid on Hawku63.4095
127Bid on Hawku63.4085
128Bid on Hawku63.4068
129Bid on Hawku63.4031
130Bid on Hawku63.4022
131Bid on Hawku63.3994
132Bid on Hawku63.3943
133Bid on Hawku63.3902
134Bid on Hawku63.3887
135Ξ 3.2 Buy on Hawku63.3777
136Bid on Hawku63.3769
137Bid on Hawku63.3757
138Bid on Hawku63.3750
139Bid on Hawku63.3738
140Bid on Hawku63.3733
141Bid on Hawku63.3706
142Bid on Hawku63.3616
143Bid on Hawku63.3600
144Ξ 0.29 Buy on Hawku63.3549
145Bid on Hawku63.3537
146Bid on Hawku63.3526
147Bid on Hawku63.3519
148Bid on Hawku63.3444
149Bid on Hawku63.3366
150Bid on Hawku63.3364
151Bid on Hawku63.3355
152Bid on Hawku63.3354
153Bid on Hawku63.3342
154Bid on Hawku63.3328
155Bid on Hawku63.3294
156Bid on Hawku63.3274
157Bid on Hawku63.3263
158Bid on Hawku63.3255
159Ξ 3.9 Buy on Hawku63.3232
160Bid on Hawku63.3214
161Bid on Hawku63.3208
162Bid on Hawku63.3198
163Bid on Hawku63.3179
164Bid on Hawku63.3152
165Bid on Hawku63.3136
166Bid on Hawku63.3125
167Bid on Hawku63.3101
168Bid on Hawku63.3097
169Bid on Hawku63.3096
170Bid on Hawku63.3085
171Bid on Hawku63.3070
172Ξ 4 Buy on Hawku63.3067
173Bid on Hawku63.3020
174Bid on Hawku63.3020
175Bid on Hawku63.2996
176Bid on Hawku63.2996
177Bid on Hawku63.2981
178Bid on Hawku63.2897
179Bid on Hawku63.2865
180Bid on Hawku63.2864
181Bid on Hawku63.2858
182Bid on Hawku63.2799
183Ξ 5 Buy on Hawku63.2757
184Bid on Hawku63.2728
185Bid on Hawku63.2722
186Bid on Hawku63.2685
187Bid on Hawku63.2649
188Bid on Hawku63.2648
189Bid on Hawku63.2594
190Bid on Hawku63.2583
191Bid on Hawku63.2544
192Bid on Hawku63.2480
193Bid on Hawku63.2479
194Bid on Hawku63.2436
195Bid on Hawku63.2394
196Bid on Hawku63.2273
197Bid on Hawku63.2229
198Bid on Hawku63.2163
199Bid on Hawku63.2153
200Bid on Hawku63.2141
201Bid on Hawku63.2137
202Bid on Hawku63.2111
203Bid on Hawku63.2093
204Bid on Hawku63.2091
205Bid on Hawku63.2061
206Bid on Hawku63.2054
207Bid on Hawku63.1950
208Bid on Hawku63.1942
209Bid on Hawku63.1938
210Bid on Hawku63.1931
211Bid on Hawku63.1922
212Bid on Hawku63.1913
213Bid on Hawku63.1912
214Bid on Hawku63.1907
215Bid on Hawku63.1904
216Bid on Hawku63.1888
217Bid on Hawku63.1877
218Bid on Hawku63.1874
219Bid on Hawku63.1870
220Bid on Hawku63.1838
221Bid on Hawku63.1810
222Bid on Hawku63.1787
223Bid on Hawku63.1785
224Bid on Hawku63.1778
225Bid on Hawku63.1776
226Bid on Hawku63.1760
227Bid on Hawku63.1748
228Bid on Hawku63.1715
229Bid on Hawku63.1682
230Bid on Hawku63.1679
231Bid on Hawku63.1634
232Bid on Hawku63.1628
233Bid on Hawku63.1622
234Bid on Hawku63.1621
235Bid on Hawku63.1614
236Bid on Hawku63.1581
237Bid on Hawku63.1556
238Bid on Hawku63.1532
239Bid on Hawku63.1525
240Ξ 0.07 Buy on Hawku63.1504
241Bid on Hawku63.1470
242Bid on Hawku63.1453
243Bid on Hawku63.1452
244Bid on Hawku63.1411
245Bid on Hawku63.1390
246Ξ 1.6 Buy on Hawku63.1374
247Bid on Hawku63.1372
248Bid on Hawku63.1359
249Bid on Hawku63.1330
250Bid on Hawku63.1271