1600m Speederboard - 60 days

The fastest 250 Zed Run horses by distance over the last 60 days.

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1Bid on Hawku65.7263
2Bid on Hawku65.3219
3Bid on Hawku64.6490
4Bid on Hawku64.6017
5Bid on Hawku64.5515
6Bid on Hawku64.5303
7Bid on Hawku64.5111
8Bid on Hawku64.4939
9Bid on Hawku64.4734
10Bid on Hawku64.3974
11Bid on Hawku64.3896
12Bid on Hawku64.3363
13Bid on Hawku64.3282
14Bid on Hawku64.3014
15Ξ 1.2 Buy on Hawku64.2904
16Ξ 1.25 Buy on Hawku64.2828
17Bid on Hawku64.2743
18Bid on Hawku64.2705
19Bid on Hawku64.2642
20Bid on Hawku64.2517
21Bid on Hawku64.2507
22Bid on Hawku64.2348
23Bid on Hawku64.2313
24Bid on Hawku64.2219
25Bid on Hawku64.1802
26Bid on Hawku64.1798
27Bid on Hawku64.1788
28Bid on Hawku64.1682
29Bid on Hawku64.1669
30Bid on Hawku64.1398
31Bid on Hawku64.1305
32Bid on Hawku64.1292
33Ξ 2 Buy on Hawku64.1138
34Bid on Hawku64.0758
35Bid on Hawku64.0693
36Bid on Hawku64.0417
37Bid on Hawku64.0240
38Bid on Hawku63.9873
39Bid on Hawku63.9853
40Bid on Hawku63.9716
41Bid on Hawku63.9601
42Bid on Hawku63.9430
43Bid on Hawku63.9415
44Bid on Hawku63.9268
45Ξ 0.39 Buy on Hawku63.9139
46Bid on Hawku63.8988
47Bid on Hawku63.8941
48Bid on Hawku63.8920
49Bid on Hawku63.8775
50Ξ 4.75 Buy on Hawku63.8762
51Ξ 0.5 Buy on Hawku63.8572
52Bid on Hawku63.8538
53Bid on Hawku63.8385
54Bid on Hawku63.8240
55Bid on Hawku63.8148
56Bid on Hawku63.8101
57Bid on Hawku63.8021
58Bid on Hawku63.8003
59Bid on Hawku63.7932
60Bid on Hawku63.7913
61Ξ 0.15 Buy on Hawku63.7884
62Bid on Hawku63.7696
63Bid on Hawku63.7489
64Bid on Hawku63.7478
65Bid on Hawku63.7391
66Bid on Hawku63.7296
67Bid on Hawku63.7158
68Bid on Hawku63.7117
69Bid on Hawku63.7097
70Bid on Hawku63.7093
71Bid on Hawku63.7091
72Bid on Hawku63.7072
73Bid on Hawku63.7031
74Bid on Hawku63.6997
75Bid on Hawku63.6753
76Ξ 0.25 Buy on Hawku63.6689
77Bid on Hawku63.6616
78Bid on Hawku63.6499
79Bid on Hawku63.6436
80Bid on Hawku63.6312
81Bid on Hawku63.6255
82Bid on Hawku63.6221
83Bid on Hawku63.6210
84Bid on Hawku63.6200
85Bid on Hawku63.6177
86Bid on Hawku63.6163
87Bid on Hawku63.6026
88Bid on Hawku63.5983
89Bid on Hawku63.5967
90Bid on Hawku63.5938
91Bid on Hawku63.5884
92Bid on Hawku63.5844
93Bid on Hawku63.5768
94Bid on Hawku63.5658
95Bid on Hawku63.5557
96Bid on Hawku63.5497
97Bid on Hawku63.5426
98Bid on Hawku63.5302
99Bid on Hawku63.5282
100Bid on Hawku63.5199
101Bid on Hawku63.5161
102Bid on Hawku63.5143
103Bid on Hawku63.5111
104Bid on Hawku63.5095
105Bid on Hawku63.5089
106Bid on Hawku63.5014
107Bid on Hawku63.4927
108Bid on Hawku63.4825
109Bid on Hawku63.4823
110Bid on Hawku63.4803
111Bid on Hawku63.4626
112Ξ 0.015 Buy on Hawku63.4602
113Bid on Hawku63.4554
114Bid on Hawku63.4512
115Bid on Hawku63.4465
116Bid on Hawku63.4417
117Bid on Hawku63.4296
118Bid on Hawku63.4261
119Bid on Hawku63.4242
120Ξ 2.5 Buy on Hawku63.4205
121Bid on Hawku63.4203
122Bid on Hawku63.4185
123Bid on Hawku63.4169
124Bid on Hawku63.4078
125Bid on Hawku63.4035
126Bid on Hawku63.3997
127Bid on Hawku63.3990
128Bid on Hawku63.3979
129Bid on Hawku63.3904
130Bid on Hawku63.3852
131Bid on Hawku63.3787
132Bid on Hawku63.3775
133Bid on Hawku63.3723
134Bid on Hawku63.3713
135Bid on Hawku63.3634
136Bid on Hawku63.3605
137Bid on Hawku63.3605
138Bid on Hawku63.3578
139Bid on Hawku63.3503
140Bid on Hawku63.3488
141Bid on Hawku63.3455
142Bid on Hawku63.3422
143Bid on Hawku63.3403
144Bid on Hawku63.3339
145Bid on Hawku63.3316
146Bid on Hawku63.3315
147Bid on Hawku63.3309
148Bid on Hawku63.3305
149Bid on Hawku63.3296
150Bid on Hawku63.3248
151Bid on Hawku63.3208
152Bid on Hawku63.3196
153Bid on Hawku63.3196
154Bid on Hawku63.3146
155Bid on Hawku63.3133
156Bid on Hawku63.3113
157Bid on Hawku63.3110
158Bid on Hawku63.3053
159Bid on Hawku63.3008
160Bid on Hawku63.3001
161Ξ 6 Buy on Hawku63.3000
162Bid on Hawku63.2947
163Bid on Hawku63.2872
164Bid on Hawku63.2868
165Bid on Hawku63.2867
166Bid on Hawku63.2844
167Ξ 0.179 Buy on Hawku63.2836
168Bid on Hawku63.2818
169Bid on Hawku63.2807
170Ξ 0.35 Buy on Hawku63.2755
171Bid on Hawku63.2740
172Bid on Hawku63.2733
173Bid on Hawku63.2661
174Bid on Hawku63.2656
175Bid on Hawku63.2622
176Bid on Hawku63.2603
177Bid on Hawku63.2592
178Bid on Hawku63.2570
179Bid on Hawku63.2547
180Bid on Hawku63.2504
181Bid on Hawku63.2467
182Bid on Hawku63.2430
183Bid on Hawku63.2418
184Bid on Hawku63.2407
185Bid on Hawku63.2346
186Bid on Hawku63.2310
187Ξ 4.5 Buy on Hawku63.2295
188Bid on Hawku63.2218
189Ξ 6 Buy on Hawku63.2210
190Bid on Hawku63.2205
191Bid on Hawku63.2202
192Bid on Hawku63.2183
193Bid on Hawku63.2181
194Bid on Hawku63.2158
195Bid on Hawku63.2140
196Bid on Hawku63.2138
197Bid on Hawku63.2132
198Bid on Hawku63.2130
199Bid on Hawku63.2104
200Bid on Hawku63.2096
201Bid on Hawku63.2029
202Bid on Hawku63.1904
203Bid on Hawku63.1869
204Bid on Hawku63.1869
205Bid on Hawku63.1861
206Bid on Hawku63.1846
207Ξ 0.5 Buy on Hawku63.1837
208Bid on Hawku63.1828
209Bid on Hawku63.1781
210Bid on Hawku63.1769
211Bid on Hawku63.1724
212Bid on Hawku63.1720
213Bid on Hawku63.1708
214Bid on Hawku63.1705
215Bid on Hawku63.1702
216Ξ 1.76 Buy on Hawku63.1664
217Bid on Hawku63.1639
218Bid on Hawku63.1622
219Bid on Hawku63.1601
220Bid on Hawku63.1580
221Bid on Hawku63.1539
222Ξ 0.3 Buy on Hawku63.1535
223Bid on Hawku63.1532
224Bid on Hawku63.1530
225Bid on Hawku63.1506
226Bid on Hawku63.1490
227Bid on Hawku63.1478
228Bid on Hawku63.1456
229Bid on Hawku63.1447
230Bid on Hawku63.1437
231Ξ 1.76 Buy on Hawku63.1434
232Bid on Hawku63.1416
233Bid on Hawku63.1410
234Bid on Hawku63.1393
235Bid on Hawku63.1391
236Bid on Hawku63.1386
237Bid on Hawku63.1375
238Bid on Hawku63.1369
239Bid on Hawku63.1364
240Ξ 0.145 Buy on Hawku63.1363
241Bid on Hawku63.1344
242Ξ 2 Buy on Hawku63.1339
243Bid on Hawku63.1308
244Bid on Hawku63.1297
245Bid on Hawku63.1229
246Bid on Hawku63.1192
247Bid on Hawku63.1136
248Bid on Hawku63.1123
249Ξ 1.25 Buy on Hawku63.1090
250Bid on Hawku63.1077