2400m Speederboard - 60 days

The fastest 250 Zed Run horses by distance over the last 60 days.

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1Bid on Hawku64.8264
2Bid on Hawku64.5717
3Bid on Hawku64.5549
4Bid on Hawku64.5221
5Bid on Hawku64.4030
6Bid on Hawku64.2981
7Bid on Hawku64.2963
8Ξ 1.29 Buy on Hawku64.2078
9Bid on Hawku64.1648
10Bid on Hawku64.1417
11Bid on Hawku63.9846
12Bid on Hawku63.9709
13Bid on Hawku63.9542
14Bid on Hawku63.9529
15Bid on Hawku63.8457
16Bid on Hawku63.8115
17Bid on Hawku63.7528
18Bid on Hawku63.6855
19Bid on Hawku63.6459
20Bid on Hawku63.6312
21Bid on Hawku63.5978
22Bid on Hawku63.5625
23Bid on Hawku63.5568
24Bid on Hawku63.5548
25Bid on Hawku63.5154
26Bid on Hawku63.5054
27Ξ 0.725 Buy on Hawku63.4928
28Ξ 0.999 Buy on Hawku63.4914
29Bid on Hawku63.4774
30Bid on Hawku63.4681
31Bid on Hawku63.4422
32Bid on Hawku63.4386
33Bid on Hawku63.4268
34Bid on Hawku63.4133
35Bid on Hawku63.4094
36Bid on Hawku63.4089
37Bid on Hawku63.3979
38Bid on Hawku63.3943
39Bid on Hawku63.3766
40Bid on Hawku63.3749
41Bid on Hawku63.3734
42Bid on Hawku63.3701
43Bid on Hawku63.3572
44Bid on Hawku63.3559
45Ξ 1.5 Buy on Hawku63.3387
46Bid on Hawku63.3177
47Bid on Hawku63.3165
48Bid on Hawku63.3026
49Bid on Hawku63.2905
50Bid on Hawku63.2880
51Bid on Hawku63.2835
52Ξ 0.06 Buy on Hawku63.2817
53Bid on Hawku63.2791
54Bid on Hawku63.2674
55Bid on Hawku63.2456
56Bid on Hawku63.2320
57Bid on Hawku63.2290
58Bid on Hawku63.2253
59Bid on Hawku63.2114
60Ξ 0.129 Buy on Hawku63.2061
61Bid on Hawku63.2049
62Bid on Hawku63.2046
63Bid on Hawku63.2020
64Bid on Hawku63.1856
65Ξ 2.81 Buy on Hawku63.1645
66Bid on Hawku63.1642
67Bid on Hawku63.1615
68Bid on Hawku63.1565
69Bid on Hawku63.1412
70Bid on Hawku63.1301
71Bid on Hawku63.1286
72Bid on Hawku63.1266
73Bid on Hawku63.1150
74Bid on Hawku63.1144
75Bid on Hawku63.1093
76Bid on Hawku63.1079
77Bid on Hawku63.1013
78Bid on Hawku63.0988
79Bid on Hawku63.0951
80Bid on Hawku63.0923
81Bid on Hawku63.0907
82Bid on Hawku63.0859
83Ξ 0.15 Buy on Hawku63.0839
84Bid on Hawku63.0832
85Bid on Hawku63.0736
86Bid on Hawku63.0703
87Bid on Hawku63.0694
88Bid on Hawku63.0688
89Bid on Hawku63.0684
90Bid on Hawku63.0606
91Bid on Hawku63.0592
92Bid on Hawku63.0582
93Bid on Hawku63.0575
94Bid on Hawku63.0530
95Ξ 13 Buy on Hawku63.0496
96Bid on Hawku63.0477
97Bid on Hawku63.0471
98Bid on Hawku63.0435
99Bid on Hawku63.0426
100Bid on Hawku63.0419
101Bid on Hawku63.0409
102Bid on Hawku63.0345
103Bid on Hawku63.0260
104Bid on Hawku63.0170
105Bid on Hawku63.0152
106Bid on Hawku63.0136
107Bid on Hawku63.0136
108Bid on Hawku63.0134
109Bid on Hawku63.0114
110Bid on Hawku63.0107
111Bid on Hawku63.0100
112Bid on Hawku63.0093
113Bid on Hawku63.0064
114Bid on Hawku63.0042
115Bid on Hawku63.0041
116Bid on Hawku63.0014
117Bid on Hawku63.0007
118Bid on Hawku63.0006
119Bid on Hawku62.9992
120Bid on Hawku62.9988
121Bid on Hawku62.9987
122Bid on Hawku62.9915
123Bid on Hawku62.9841
124Bid on Hawku62.9832
125Bid on Hawku62.9823
126Bid on Hawku62.9817
127Bid on Hawku62.9683
128Bid on Hawku62.9619
129Bid on Hawku62.9547
130Bid on Hawku62.9532
131Ξ 14 Buy on Hawku62.9527
132Ξ 0.007 Buy on Hawku62.9462
133Ξ 3.2 Buy on Hawku62.9437
134Bid on Hawku62.9434
135Bid on Hawku62.9408
136Bid on Hawku62.9405
137Bid on Hawku62.9370
138Bid on Hawku62.9369
139Ξ 5 Buy on Hawku62.9300
140Bid on Hawku62.9285
141Bid on Hawku62.9191
142Bid on Hawku62.9164
143Bid on Hawku62.9129
144Bid on Hawku62.9113
145Ξ 5.8 Buy on Hawku62.9109
146Bid on Hawku62.9107
147Bid on Hawku62.9102
148Bid on Hawku62.9057
149Bid on Hawku62.9048
150Bid on Hawku62.9024
151Bid on Hawku62.9022
152Bid on Hawku62.9017
153Bid on Hawku62.9009
154Bid on Hawku62.8964
155Bid on Hawku62.8883
156Bid on Hawku62.8859
157Bid on Hawku62.8841
158Bid on Hawku62.8831
159Bid on Hawku62.8794
160Bid on Hawku62.8753
161Bid on Hawku62.8720
162Bid on Hawku62.8703
163Bid on Hawku62.8700
164Bid on Hawku62.8688
165Bid on Hawku62.8679
166Bid on Hawku62.8677
167Bid on Hawku62.8595
168Bid on Hawku62.8595
169Bid on Hawku62.8575
170Bid on Hawku62.8573
171Bid on Hawku62.8566
172Bid on Hawku62.8515
173Bid on Hawku62.8483
174Bid on Hawku62.8473
175Bid on Hawku62.8454
176Bid on Hawku62.8440
177Ξ 13 Buy on Hawku62.8432
178Bid on Hawku62.8407
179Bid on Hawku62.8395
180Bid on Hawku62.8393
181Bid on Hawku62.8387
182Bid on Hawku62.8309
183Bid on Hawku62.8278
184Bid on Hawku62.8260
185Bid on Hawku62.8238
186Bid on Hawku62.8237
187Bid on Hawku62.8211
188Bid on Hawku62.8207
189Bid on Hawku62.8207
190Bid on Hawku62.8203
191Ξ 0.06 Buy on Hawku62.8193
192Bid on Hawku62.8180
193Bid on Hawku62.8167
194Bid on Hawku62.8148
195Bid on Hawku62.8145
196Bid on Hawku62.8138
197Ξ 1.5 Buy on Hawku62.8116
198Bid on Hawku62.8114
199Bid on Hawku62.8108
200Bid on Hawku62.8097
201Bid on Hawku62.8095
202Bid on Hawku62.8069
203Bid on Hawku62.8068
204Bid on Hawku62.8067
205Bid on Hawku62.8043
206Bid on Hawku62.8011
207Bid on Hawku62.7983
208Bid on Hawku62.7963
209Bid on Hawku62.7932
210Bid on Hawku62.7924
211Bid on Hawku62.7922
212Bid on Hawku62.7894
213Bid on Hawku62.7884
214Bid on Hawku62.7823
215Bid on Hawku62.7809
216Bid on Hawku62.7794
217Bid on Hawku62.7789
218Bid on Hawku62.7739
219Bid on Hawku62.7727
220Bid on Hawku62.7714
221Bid on Hawku62.7689
222Bid on Hawku62.7662
223Bid on Hawku62.7658
224Bid on Hawku62.7651
225Bid on Hawku62.7645
226Bid on Hawku62.7614
227Bid on Hawku62.7604
228Bid on Hawku62.7595
229Bid on Hawku62.7574
230Bid on Hawku62.7570
231Bid on Hawku62.7564
232Bid on Hawku62.7548
233Bid on Hawku62.7523
234Bid on Hawku62.7481
235Bid on Hawku62.7468
236Bid on Hawku62.7414
237Bid on Hawku62.7411
238Ξ 0.035 Buy on Hawku62.7411
239Bid on Hawku62.7402
240Bid on Hawku62.7384
241Bid on Hawku62.7381
242Bid on Hawku62.7378
243Bid on Hawku62.7342
244Bid on Hawku62.7296
245Bid on Hawku62.7256
246Ξ 35 Buy on Hawku62.7253
247Bid on Hawku62.7246
248Bid on Hawku62.7194
249Bid on Hawku62.7188
250Bid on Hawku62.7181