ZedRacerZ Pro BETA

ZedRacer Pro is an enhanced real-time dashboard that contains a number of additional tools on top of the race tracking that the free version offers. It makes racing life a lot easier and provides analytical tools to assess the performance and bloodline of your horses.

Subscription costs £10 for 30 days with discounts for longer periods, payment in WETH (or contact on Discord for alternative methods).

New Dashboard

There is a new layout for the dashboard that includes being able to view and filter open races to your active race group along with being able to put the race screen in full screen mode. There are new audio alerts and better controls for them to check out in the settings tab as well.

Tournament Manager

The tournament manager pulls in the active tournaments from the Zed site and keeps you up to date on the cut-lines and qualification progress for all your horses. This saves you having to keep track of how many races and what scores your horses have.

Open Races

The dashboard allows you see the open races across the classes by filtering them out to active groups, or by setting up alerts for specific race types. The field strength is assesed and displayed next to the race so you can see at a glance which races have softer fields.

Stable Manager

The stable manager allows you to organise your horses in to groups however you like. You can then filter the various areas of the dashboard such as the open races, so it only shows relevant races for that group.


Get notifications on new races you have selected, race entry fees can be set to at least/at most/exactly for more control. Also get stud alerts, including descendants will trigger the alert for the horses offspring as well with an optional email notification. Maximum of 5 race alerts and 15 stud alerts.

Performance Report

View how individual horses or groups of horses are performing across various formats, broken down by date, class, tournament, fee and distance. It also includes a graph with finishing positions broken down by free, paid and tournament races.